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All About: SOHO Wellness & Med Spa

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Welcome to Soho's first blogpost! We're excited to have a new platform to engage with you, our beloved current and future clients. Here, we will share everything we love about our home, SOHO Wellness & Med Spa. First things first, we'll dive into the evolution of Soho Wellness & Med Spa as a unique Mother and Daughter-owned business.

Becky and Debbie Dubickas, the iconic Mother & Daughter duo,

Soho Wellness & Med Spa "Where Cosmetics and Relaxation Combine"

The Beginning The Soho Wellness journey began in March of 2015 when our founder, Debbie Dubickas created her Hypnotherapy practice. Within months, Debbie joined forces with her daughter Becky, a licensed Medical Aesthetician and the Mother Daughter duo was born. The two would combine beautifying the mind and body under the same roof, creating a unique, multifaceted wellness experience. After nearly six years of working and growing together, Debbie and Becky have built the Soho Wellness & Med Spa we all know and love today.

The House

The big, yellow, 100+ year old house on downtown Tampa's South Boulevard is hard to miss. As soon as you walk up the steps and through the doors of Soho Wellness & Med Spa, you feel at home. A warm greeting, maybe a glass of champagne in one of our lounges will set the tone before your spa experience even begins. Each treatment room in the house is unique and cozy, preparing you to nestle into your enchanting spa experience.


Here at Soho Wellness & Med Spa we are always growing and evolving, offering the newest and most effective treatments. The team at Soho Wellness & Med Spa has grown through the years and we continue to welcome the most talented professionals in the spa industry. From Cosmetics to Skincare and Massage, our Licensed Massage Therapists, Skincare Specialists and Injectors all possess the skills, knowledge and passion to help achieve your desired goal. Welcome Home! We look forward to working with you.

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