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HydraFacial in Tampa & Wesley Chapel


What is a Hydrafacial treatment?

Step into smoother, softer skin with the Hydrafacial – one of today's most advanced non-surgical ways to achieve a flawless complexion. This powerful treatment eliminates all types of impurities, including dead skin cells and environmental pollutants for completely refreshed look that is sure to turn heads! After deep cleansing and exfoliation comes nourishing hydration plus potent antioxidant protection - an unbeatable combination guaranteed to leave your face feeling more vibrant than ever before!

how much does Hydrafacial cost?

SOHO Hydrafacial

90 Minutes $345

SOHO Hydra facial Glow

60 Minutes $245

    ADD Dermaplaning for $45



HydraFacial Steps

Hydrafacial Steps


Thoroughly clean the skin with a gentle cleansing solution to remove impurities and oils.


a vacuum-like device is used to gently suction out dirt, oil, and other debris from the pores


Apply soothing serums and hydrating masks to replenish the skin's moisture and nourish it with antioxidants and peptides.

HydraFacial Benefits

Benefits of Hydrafacial

Looking for the fountain of youth? Hydrafacials may be just what you need!

This transformative treatment gives your skin a hydrated boost, providing a brighter complexion and diminishing signs of aging. Fine lines are reduced while firmness is increased to even out uneven tones and textures--you'll notice an amazing reduction in pore size too!

How often do you need a HydraFacial?

How Often Do you need a Treatment?

Often, one treatment per month is recommended to reduce skin issues such as fine lines, wrinkles, signs of irritation, brown spots, or oily and congested skin.


A continued regimen of HydraFacial™ treatments may be recommended to maintain sustained healthy skin results.

What to expect after a HydraFacial

What to expect after a treatment?

The treatment cleanses your skin, offering a glow and more even skin tone overall.

Patients typically notice greatly improved skin hydration, minimized dark circles, and a dramatic reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Even after just one treatment, improved skin tone and refinement may be visible. The smoothing, hydrating results usually last at least five to seven days.

Easy Financing Solutions

Discover convenient and flexible ways to fund your journey toward optimal well-being. With our tailored financing plans, prioritizing your health has never been easier.

HydraFacial Reviews

Hydrafacial Reviews

"I received my first Hydrafacial and immediately saw results! It gave my skin the reboot it needed and I had a glow on my skin for a full week afterward. I have cystic acne on my cheeks that I deal with, so I used a clearing serum to help pull out any pimples underneath my skin, and it did! I even noticed a decrease in my pores afterward. Great facial!" - Alexis

"This was my first facial and Carrie was great! Everything the Hydrafacial included was so relaxing and my skin was so soft and glowy afterwards!" -Braylee

"My Hydrafacial experience was wonderful. The service itself was luxurious. I love how the service can be customized for my skin. Taylor was perfect, she's so knowledgeable and relaxing. My skin was glow after the service!" - Victoria

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