Welcome to SOHO Wellness & Med Spa, a heavenly space for your Mind, Body and Skin. Each room has a unique ambience complimenting the treatment offered.

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Welcome to the beginning and ending of Soho Wellness & Med Spa, Although with the wide range of services we offer we do hope to see you again. We are available by phone to answer any of your questions and concerns! See you soon.

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Body Treatment Room

Detox, Rejuvenate and Renew in this room, Enjoy every moment while we pamper the whole body and help renew and nourish the skin.

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Aesthetic Room

At Soho Wellness & Med Spa, our highly-trained nursing and medical practitioners will help you go over an individualized treatment plan for you to achieve the best results. Sign up for a free consultation, making you feel at ease during the whole process and leave feeling like you achieved your desired results.

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Couple Massage Rooms

Our Couples room can be tailored to facials together or Relaxation massage! Couples love combining them to relax and enjoy a Mini Spa Day together.

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Debbie Dubickas Room

Debbie Dubickas

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Infrared Sauna Room

Meditatie, Unwind and start your Journey with us in the Infrared Sauna. We like to offer this to compliment the other services we have. Offering a unlimited membership for you to enjoy all the Health Benifits at a reasonable cost.

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Our lounge is available to guests enjoying all services at Soho Wellness & Med Spa, Relax in-between your spa services with your Party, Bridesmaids or Girlfriends. This is our Go-To room in the house!

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Dr Flax Room

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Therapy Room

This is one of our rooms we use for Individual Therapy, Hypnosis, Stop Smoking, Weightloss and more. We do our best to provide a welcoming and comfortable space for you to relax.

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Waiting Area

Welcome to our shop! We offer you to browse around while you wait or after your services at Soho Wellness & Med Spa. There are lots of fun and unique gifts available!

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Meditation Room

Our Meditation room offers, Mediation and Reiki classes,  Breathwork classes & Self Development workshops for individuals or businesses.

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