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Teeth Whitening With A Relaxing Twist

It doesn’t have to be uncomfortable

What If I told you, you could be so relaxed during a teeth-whitening service you could almost fall asleep? For someone that has done teeth whitening before, it may seem like a dull procedure that requires you to be in not so comfortable position for a brief moment, though it really feels like hours.

Before and after teeth bleaching or whitening treatment.

At SOHO Wellness & Medspa, we offer teeth whitening with a twist;

we provide a relaxing environment with soothing music that transforms your teeth whitening appointment into a time where you can relax and disconnect from your day with our professional supervision throughout the entire service.


Next time you need quick teeth whitening, stop by SOHO Wellness + Medspa and take advantage of a relaxing break.

Have any further questions about this service? Click here for detailed information about teeth whitening or Call us now at (813) 284-7045

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