Specialty Services

Therapeutic Deluxe – $115.00 (60 Minutes)

Relax and rejuvenate with our therapeutic massage, hot towels, aroma and back exfoliation with our seasonal scrub designed to exfoliate and remove the dead skin on back area, removed with hot towels.

Muscle Meltdown – $155.00 (90 Minutes)

Designed to release tension and stiffness in the body using different modalities and treatments. This 90 minute treatment will include massage to your needs, cupping in areas need or where your massage therapist suggests, to break up the tension and tightness hot stones shall be used on the back and shoulder area.

Soul To Soul – $125.00 (60 Minutes)

Feeling dull? This is a great massage to hydrate and moisturise the body and target the hands and feet. Relax with our therapeutic massage while we include hands and feet scrub and paraffin. Exfoliating and Moisturising.

Full Body Salt Glow $160.00 (1 Hour 40 Minutes)

Exfoliate your full body with our seasonal body scrub, rinse off and relax in the infrared sauna for 15 minutes, finishing off with moisturizing the body with a 60 minute therapeutic massage, with hot towels and aroma.

Back, Face and Scalp Treatment – (120 Minutes) – $185.00

This is our most renowned treatment – the ultimate face and back experience using targeted massage techniques with purest aromatherapy oils and highly personalised facial
Back exfoliate, back massage with hot stones, personalised facial, scalp massage.

Back, Face and Feet – (90 Minutes) – $125.00

Treat the 3 most popular areas, exfoliate and massage the back, rejuvenate the skin with a mini facial and treat the feet to reflexology and hot towels. Included aromatherapy infrared sauna after the services are preformed.


Our Cancellation Policy 


Soho Wellness Med Spa  Cleanliness and safe hygiene is our number one priority. Safety and Sanitation Guideline Protocol * All treatments/services must be pre booked online or over the phone. * Client paper work shall be completed online prior to coming into Soho Wellness (where possible). * Door buzzer to be pressed for entry as door will be locked. * Only clients booked for treatment/services may enter Soho-Wellness. * No more than 2 clients shall be  allowed in the Soho Wellness reception area at one time.    It may be…

02 May 2020

Transitional Journeys

We all go through stages in our lives and many people have names for these stages.   Terrible "Two's", "Nightmare Teenager", "Strong Headed", "Mid-Life Crisis", "Queen Bee" and so on and so on and so on. Our Debbie Dubickas is running a Workshop on Saturday August 18th from 9am to 2pm for those of you wanting to dig deep into the stages of our lives.  Mainly focusing on 3 keys areas, being the "Childhood" years, the "Adult" years and the "Prime" years and AGE has nothing to do with it!…

19 Jul 2018

Care Credit Now Accepted

Soho-Wellness further commits to your health and well-being by now accepting Care Credit. The Care…

19 Jun 2018