Spa waxing

BAKINI WAXING  _ _____________________$30

BRAZILIAN WAXING  ___________________$55

Eyebrow _______________________________$12
Chin _________________________________ $10
Nose__________________________________ $7
Full Face (lip, eyebrow, cheek, chin)____________ $50

Full Arm_______________________________ $40
Half Arm_______________________________$20
Under Arm _____________________________ $25
Full Leg _______________________________ $70
Half Leg _______________________________ $45

Feet plus toes  ___________________________ $15

Chest _________________________________ $25
Back  _________________________________ $45
Abdominal _____________________________ $22

Bikini_________________________________ $30
Brazilian_______________________________ $55
Happy Trail _____________________________$10



Transitional Journeys

We all go through stages in our lives and many people have names for these stages.   Terrible "Two's", "Nightmare Teenager", "Strong Headed", "Mid-Life Crisis", "Queen Bee" and so on and so on and so on. Our Debbie Dubickas is running a Workshop on Saturday August 18th from 9am to 2pm for those of you wanting to dig deep into the stages of our lives.  Mainly focusing on 3 keys areas, being the "Childhood" years, the "Adult" years and the "Prime" years and AGE has nothing to do with it!…

19 Jul 2018

Care Credit Now Accepted

Soho-Wellness further commits to your health and well-being by now accepting Care Credit. The Care…

19 Jun 2018

Love Yourself from the Inside Out

  “The eyes are the windows to the soul”, I have heard this metaphor many…

24 May 2018