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How important is Self Care ?

The feeling of guilt in taking time for self care prevents many of us from actually doing it. However not practicing self care may lead to burn out whereby you have nothing else to give.

Self Care does not have to mean having time for the best botox or spa day in Tampa Bay, nor does it have to mean spending money on facials or body treatments. It does however mean prioritizing your self care is as important as is a good nights sleep.

Here are a few things that may help you in taking care of yourself, emotionally, physically and mentally which in turn leads you to wanting to continue to feel better therefore look better too.

Keeping in touch with friends.

It it so easy to put them on the back burner when the kids schedule demands more of your time, bills to catch up on and work demands take priority. Give yourself time to talk about yourself and how you are doing with friends even if it is a 45 min coffee weekly catch up.

Spice it up with your partner.

Demands take toll on all of us whether it be work pressures, financial worries or health issues, do not forget the value of having each other. Couples may lose themselves in their own issues and push their other half a way. Remember falling in love is easy, staying in love takes work. Book a lunch date, arrange a picnic, walk in the park, dinner for two.

Regular exercise.

This helps with reducing stress levels. Find an activity that you enjoy whether it be joining the gym, doing deep house cleaning, walking the dog, playing catch with the kids, walking or jogging with friends.

Write yourself a letter.

At the end of the day, it may be good to journal, or write yourself a letter, in recognition of what the day’s events brought you. This is a good letting go exercise in getting it all out.

Eat Well and limit your caffeine and alcohol intake.

Remember you are what you eat but do not deprive yourself if you really want that treat. If you do, you may become resentful and indulge more.

Ask for help.

There are many “Pleasers” out there that do and do and do for others yet struggle to allow themselves support. We all deserve help and give yourself permission to ask and accept it when it is offered. This is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of being human.

Be Your Own Best Friend.

Think of yourself as your own best friend. Be kind to yourself. Encouraging and rewarding yourself for getting through a difficult period or achieving a goal, however small, will reinforce your self confidence. Try to be as positive and compassionate towards yourself as much as you can.

Treat Yourself.

Buy yourself some flowers. Book yourself in for a 60 minute best price massage. Splash out on a Wellness Spa Treatment. Take time out to read a book or meditate. Make your Treat Time part of your life.

Nightly Routine.

Whether it be soaking in the tub, reading a book, watching a movie, speaking with a friend, sitting in silence or listening to music, it is important to adapt a night time routine and stick to it. Your mind needs to switch off from the day and focus on something else before sleep time.

Written by Debbie Dubickas

Soho Wellness Med Spa



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