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A Deep Dive into the Geneo Oxygen Facial Treatment

Have you ever considered how the perfect combination of science and skincare could transform your skin to make it look youthful, smooth, and full of life? If not, then let me introduce you to the Geneo Oxygen Facial - the superhero of skincare treatments!

Let’s take a deep dive into this amazing, rejuvenating facial treatment. Spoiler alert: it’s like hitting the refresh button on your skin!

What is a Geneo Oxygen Facial?

In the bustling world of beauty and skincare, the Geneo Oxygen Facial is making a splash, and for good reason! This three-step skincare revolution combines exfoliation, massage, and state-of-the-art ultrasound technology to stimulate oxygenation of the skin through the Bohr Effect. Sounds pretty sci-fi, right? But don’t worry, it’s more like sci-“fab”!

This treatment also infuses your skin with the power of antioxidants, aiding in skin health and giving your face the fresh, revitalized look it deserves. It's all delivered through a sleek, handheld Geneo device, using a mix of CO2 bubbles, ultrasound, and radiofrequency. This little magic wand is where skin transformation happens.

What Does the Geneo Facial Do?

Is your mirror reflecting age spots, redness, or an uninspiring complexion? Are large pores or wrinkles causing you distress? Fear not, the Geneo facial is here to tackle all these concerns in a single session! It's like a Swiss Army knife for your skin – versatile, efficient, and brilliantly effective. Plus, you don’t have to hibernate post-treatment!

This rejuvenating treatment can help to improve:

-Fine lines and wrinkles

-Age spots and hyperpigmentation

-Dullness and uneven skin tone

-Pore size and congestion

-Acne and acne scars

-Dryness and dehydration

How Does a Geneo Oxygen Facial Work?

Think of the Geneo 3-in-1 Super Facial as a three-course meal for your skin:

Exfoliate: Using a Capsugen tablet, the upper layer of your skin is gently exfoliated to remove dead cells and prepare it for an active nutrient boost.

Infuse: Your skin is then primed for the infusion of active ingredients, like NeoRevive™ for rejuvenation and anti-aging or NeoBright™ for skin brightening and texture improvement.

Oxygenate: Then comes the “Geneo effect,” which creates CO2 bubbles on the skin surface. These bubbles gently burst, sending oxygen-rich blood to the area, increasing capillary flow and skin metabolism. The result? Optimal absorption of the active ingredients.

Geneo Oxypods: Customized Skincare Capsules

When it comes to innovative skincare, Geneo Oxypods sit at the cutting edge, combining transformative concepts in biology, chemistry, and technology within one tiny, potent capsule. The secret of their power lies in the active ingredients, which are stored in a suspended state and only activated upon reacting with the unique Geneo Primer Gel.

The interaction between the Oxypod and Geneo device, combined with the Primer Gel, culminates in three fundamental skincare benefits that the Oxygeneo brand is renowned for: exfoliation, oxygenation, and nourishment. The immediate visible results of this potent trio are further amplified by the Geneo Serum, a key part of the Geneo treatment kit. This serum is distinctively formulated to complement the benefits derived from the Oxypod, supplying additional nourishment to the skin through a harmonious blend of active ingredients.

Let's delve into the range of Oxypods Geneo offers, each tailored for specific skincare needs:

Geneo Glam: This Oxypod offers a luxurious treatment that firms and hydrates the skin, taking it towards new heights of rejuvenation. It helps restore the skin's tonicity, vitality, and radiance.

Geneo Detox Green Tea Facial: Focusing on strengthening your skin's defenses, the Geneo Detox treatment reinforces the skin's protective barriers against free radicals and environmental damage.

Geneo Balance Charcoal Facial™: This Oxypod is specially designed for oily skin. It works to purify and soothe, enhancing the skin's texture and appearance.

Geneo Hydrate Blue Spirulina Facial: As the name suggests, this facial is all about hydrating your skin, ensuring a fresh, moisturized appearance.

Geneo Revive Red Algae Facial: This Oxypod targets signs of aging. It works to refresh dull skin, reduce fine lines, and enhance the overall skin texture and appearance.

Geneo Illuminate Vitamin C Facial: A power player in skin brightening, the Geneo Illuminate Vitamin C Facial works to unify skin tone, improve pigmentation, and rejuvenate the skin.

Geneo Facial Oxypods
Geneo Oxypods

Before and After Photos

In case you think we're all talk, we've got some photographic evidence to back up our claims. We'll share before and after photos that showcase improvements in reducing fine lines & wrinkles, tightening skin & improving tone, and even rejuvenating hands!

Geneo Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Geneo Facial Tightens Skin & Improves Tone
Tightens Skin & Improves Tone

Geneo Hand Treatment
Hand Treatment

Candidates for Geneo

Regardless of skin tone or sensitivity, Geneo is a safe bet. If your skin is inflamed, irritated, or showing signs of aging, Geneo could be your skin's new best friend. At your consultation, our skilled team will evaluate your skin and suggest whether Geneo is your best option.

How Much is a Geneo Oxygen Facial?

The pricing of the facial is as exciting as its results. The cost for a Geneo Facial at SOHO Wellness Med Spa is just $225. A small investment for a radiant, youthful appearance, wouldn't you agree?

Ready to Glow?

So, if you're ready to breathe new life into your skin, why wait? Don’t just dream of radiant skin, achieve it with a Geneo Oxygen Facial at SOHO Wellness Med Spa. Book your Geneo Oxygen Facial appointment today and let your skin thank you with a radiant glow!

Who knew oxygen could be this exciting, right? Be prepared to turn heads and receive compliments on your newly refreshed and glowing skin. Get ready to let your skin do the talking!

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