Permanent Make-up

Microblading – Eyebrow Enhancements 

Eyebrow enhancements are the latest beauty trend. If you are looking to enhance your brows or your just tired of applying your eyebrows every time you leave your home, this is the perfect procedure for you!

Your eyebrows are an extremely important beauty feature – they frame the face, giving expression, warmth and depth. So make sure you make the most of them. Professionally designed and groomed brow can instantly give lift and emphasis to the eyes, giving a more youthful appearance.

If you have brows that are missing hair and have gaps due to excess plucking or pale hair color, permanent make-up will create a realistic and natural looking brow line, which can last for many years.


Enhance your Eyes, Brows & Lips with Permanent Make – up


Microblading Pricing

Consultations – Free of Charge

Microblading Brows – $400 +

(Consultations can be done separately to appointment, We like to make sure Client is comfortable. During consultation techniques shall be suggested, giving you an estimate for your Microblading experience!) 


Eye Enhancements 

Permanent eyeliner is sometimes offered as an alternative to traditional makeup to enhance the eyes and also for individuals who have allergies, sensitivities due to contact lenses, scars or shaky hands that make it difficult to apply makeup regularly.  Permanent eyeliner can be applied to the upper and lower lids of the eyes.

Upper Lid – $200.00

Lower Lid – $225.00

Upper & Lower Lid – $ 300.00


Before & After Picture 


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