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Ketamine Treatment is a new hope for patients with severe depression and PTSD.

When it comes to profound depression, many people just cant get relief from current treatments. Now theres more evidence that an anesthetic ketamine has potential as a fast acting treatment for depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) In low doses, it is effective in treating depression by blocking the NMDA glutamate receptor.

Working close with Dr. Steven Flax, Debbie Dubickas CHt. and psychiatrist, we are here to evaluate and recommend a treatment custom to you.

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Approximately 15 million Americans suffer from major depression every year. Many of them have tried dozens of medications and found no relief, leaving them feeling more distressed than ever.

Recently, the surgery anesthetic Ketamine has been discovered to help greatly in the treatment of depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD and suicidal tendencies.

While current medications and therapies can take months or even years to show results, the effects of Ketamine treatments are immediate and long-lasting.



What is ketamine used to treat?

Ketamine is FDA-approved as an anesthetic for surgery and diagnostic procedures. It’s also used to treat depression, suicidal thoughts, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), other mood disorders, and nerve-related pain.

How is it given?

Usually, ketamine is given as an IV into a vein, which is the quickest route for the medicine to get to the brain. Most people start with about six doses over a period of 1 to 2 weeks, and then get booster IVs once every 3 to 5 weeks. You may need to continue treatments for a year or more to see long-term results.


How Our Ketamine Depression Treatment Works

Your first, intake appointment is a medical assessment.
We collect a physical and your health history.
A medical physical is performed by our physician, Dr. Steven Flax, M.D
We answer any and all questions you have about the treatment.
This is a patient-driven program, tailored to your personal needs.
During treatment, Ketamine is administered by IV.

You will be made comfortable in lounge
Our experienced physicians will guide you through the entire process
We can also incorporate simple meditation or therapy into your treatment
This form of combined therapy can greatly improve results
Results occur quickly, and are long-lasting.

A rapid change in feelings from negative to positive is common
Our program is designed to create lasting positive change in your life
Follow up with our physicians and therapists to maintain progress
One week after your appointment, we will have a follow up appointment either in person or over the phone to evaluate your progress and decide if you could benefit from additional infusions.


For more informations at our clinic please call 8132847045 – Free Consultations – Call for pricing.

For more questions and answers on Ketamine Read here 


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