Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy


Hypnosis is a safe yet natural altered state of the mind whereby the conscious mind is relaxed to enable positive suggestions to be given to the subconscious to encourage positive changes in a person’s thinking and behavior. In hypnotherapy, we work with the subconscious mind because this is where many negative patterns and traumatic memories reside. Hypnotherapy is a specialist skill and results may vary from person to person. A hypnotherapy session may be ideal for someone living in conflict.  Whilst in a hypnotic state, the subconscious and conscious mind work simultaneously together to resolve the conflict allowing you to reach your goals.  There are various techniques offered with hypnotherapy such as regression and parts therapy.

What can hypnosis and hypnotherapy help with?

Issues such as procrastination, clearing blocks, self development, finding your life’s purpose, improving relationships, career, quitting smoking, losing weight, raising self-esteem, grief and loss, spiritual awareness, sad and anxious feelings, stress reduction, pain management, inner conflict and so much more.

A Hypnotic Program Session may last up to 90 minutes and is commonly made up for Stopping Smoking, Weight Loss, Motivation and Determination, Anti-Aging, Test Anxiety Symptoms, Procrastination, Improved Sex-Drive, Sports Performance, Raising Confidence and Self-esteem, Nail Biting, Skin Picking and much more. Time is taken to work with the client to ensure the suggestions given to the sub-conscious mind is perfect for them.

For the more career driven or business client, a hypnotherapy session compliments business coaching as our negative beliefs are held in the subconscious mind, in turn preventing clients from reaching their ideal position in their career/business  life path.

In the World of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, we are what we attract.  By clearing and transforming the way we have been programed to be, allows us to be the version of ourselves we were born to be. Our model works on love being the oxygen of life and we are running our own story.




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