Hormone Replacement Therapy


What is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

As both men and women get older, the levels of vital hormones in their bodies begin to sharply decline. Take the example of testosterone: men over the age of 30 lose 1-3% testosterone production per year, while women between the ages of 20-40 lose 50% of their testosterone production. Testosterone governs an incredibly broad range of biological functions, protecting the brain, bones, breasts, heart, and joints. As levels of testosterone decline, both men and women experience a variety of jarring, unpleasant shifts in both psychological and physiological well-being. With bioidentical hormone therapy, patients can relieve these symptoms and lead healthier, more comfortable lives.

Bioidentical hormone therapy is a method of hormone replacement therapy that uses synthetic hormones chemically identical to return the body to a balanced physiological state. At SOHO Wellness & Med Spa, we deliver bioidentical hormone therapy through one of the most direct, convenient, and effective methods available today — pellets.

What are the Symptoms of Hormone Fluctuations?

Hormonal fluctuations that come with age can cause men and women to experience a variety of uncomfortable side effects, include:

Mood swings
Trouble falling asleep and staying asleep
Memory loss
Difficulty concentrating
Low libido
Hot flashes
Night sweats
Weight gain
Joint pain
Migraine headaches

What are the Benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy with Pellets?

While bioidentical hormone therapy can be delivered through creams, gels, pills, patches, and injections, these methods can produce unwanted side effects and release bioidentical hormones into the body in an erratic manner. With hormone pellets, patients can receive their bioidentical hormones in a safe, convenient, and effective manner.

Hormone pellets are placed just under the skin, where they release bioidentical hormones into the body gradually over time. These pellets can last for months, during which patients feels the benefits of bioidentical hormone therapy without having to think about their treatment on a daily basis.

Why Undergo Bioidentical Hormone Therapy at SOHO Wellness & Med Spa

At SOHO Wellness & Med Spa, we deliver bioidentical hormone therapy through the safest and most effective method available today — pellet therapy. Unlike bioidentical hormones delivered through pills, creams, and injections, pellet therapy allows patients to receive a consistent, steady amount of bioidentical hormones every day. After the quick and simple insertion of a hormone pellet underneath the skin, patients receive a combination of hormones that precisely meets their biological needs.

Our specialists determine the types and proportions of hormones that are administered in these pellets through precise methods of hormone testing. Throughout the course of a patient’s bioidentical hormone therapy, we conduct multiple hormone tests to monitor their progress and adjust the types and amounts of hormones administered as necessary.

To further ensure the continued wellness and health of our patients, we don’t just supplement declines in hormones; we also help patients achieve maximum health and wellness by providing them with access to vitamin and nutrient supplements.





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