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Debbie trained as a clinical and transpersonal hypnotherapist in Tampa and developed these skills into becoming an intuitive Life Coach. With over 6,000 sessions under her belt,  she gives her commitment and dedication to all her clients and offers sessions in person, through Skype, FaceTime and Google Chat.  With an international client base offering services to people in Europe and the USA, Debbie continues to develop her skills through working with the additional wellness professionals within Soho-Wellness.

Debbie grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland where she studied business and accountancy. She then went on to prove her business acumen by opening her own restaurant in the 1980’s. She ran weight loss clinics in the 1990’s, and worked as a recruiter within the housekeeping and childcare sector where she successfully placed nannies for the London celebrities. In 2000, she founded her care provision business “Family Circle Care Ltd” providing care at home services for all ages from birth to old age and remains a business adviser. Her experiences with meeting the needs of individuals of varying ages and life needs enriches her practice as a hypnotherapist.

In 2010, Debbie moved to Florida with her family, and in 2012, she continued her education at the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy (FIH), a school licensed by the Florida Department of Education. Since graduating, Debbie has facilitated over 6000 client sessions. Her techniques include a combination of hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and breathwork. Debbie uses her professional experiences, together with her passion to facilitate the numerous hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming techniques to help in enabling her clients to reach their goals. She is committed to the philosophy of believe it, feel it, create it – mind, body, and soul transforming people’s lives.

Debbie considers her clients to be co-pilots in their sessions. Her commitment and dedication in facilitating the process along with your willingness to change are what makes a session successful. Debbie is not a doctor, physician, psychologist, or psychiatrist – Debbie working as a Life Coach is a very well-trained and experienced clinical and transpersonal hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner. Clients who are seeking sessions for pain management and other medical symptoms such as IBS, migraine, chronic fatigue, or eating disorders will require a physician’s referral. Hypnotherapy is a specialist skill and results may very from person to person.

Working closely with other professionals at Soho-Wellness, the Center offers Energy Healing, Sacrial Cranial Massage, Spa Treatments as well as hypnosis for stopping smoking, weight loss, procrastination, grief and loss, confidence building and so much more.  Many of Debbie’s clients come to her directly through referrals. The majority of these clients are working on personal development, finding freedom and spiritual awareness.

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