Breath Work

Breath Work at SOHO Wellness

What is Breath Work?

Breath Work  is a general term used to describe any type of therapy that utilizes breathing exercises to improve mental, physical, and spiritual health. Many forms of Breath Work therapy exist today, each with their own unique methods of using breath for healing purposes.

Bio Energetics – Anthony Dennett offers a Breath Work Session in order to release any energy blocks preventing your energy from flowing comfortably through you.  Energy in motion equals emotion and during a breath work session, emotions come to the surface and releases.  Anthony  offers a forgiveness session in order to forgive, accept, let go and move forward with your life.

$120.00 per hour with Anthony Dennet (EERT)

Anthony also offers a Breath Work and Meditation Class one evening a week which can be booked online.


Breath Work with Hypnotherapy is offered by way of the Rebirthing Breath allowing your blocks and protection walls to come down.  Imagine you can see an onion that once the layers are peeled away one by one, there is no core, there is only nothingness, oneness and peace.

During a Session with Debbie Dubickas, the layers are peeled back one by one releasing the discomfort of negative emotions that have manifested over the years allowing your energy to flow freely.  The miracle of the breath takes you back to the cause of these pushed down emotions and hypnotherapy is then brought into the session.

$150.00 per hour with Debbie Dubickas, CHt




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