Since Christmas 2015, we have been manifesting other holistic practitioners and a medium to come and join our team. It gives me great pleasure to introduce our latest team member

Laila Downing – Medium, Intuitive, Empath, Psychic/Tarot Reader and Reiki Master Practitioner. She has been actively involved in the spirit world since the age of 5. Laila uses her skills as a channel from guides and loved ones and works with clients all over the world. Born in Madrid she offers readings in Spanish and English.

Review by Debbie Dubickas

I was lead to Laila through a client who had a wonderful reading. On speaking with her, I immediately felt a connection. Maybe it was the fact that my daughter Louisa lives in Madrid and Laila was born in Madrid. Who knows. As a way of an interview, I asked for a reading without Laila knowing anything about me. This is what she said ” someone is desperate to come through. He is showing me the letter “R” and him being in a small car as if holding his hand on his heart and very close by to a family house. The car is not moving. He is holding up wedding rings and his name is Richard. He has some unfinished business with me.” At that point I did not need to hear anything more and to be honest did not want to know anymore. She then went on to describe present things happening in and around my life as well as predicting some future events.

Richard was my ex-husband who died of a heart attack at the age of 45 whilst in his car outside his brother’s house. This was 9 years ago. We had not spoken since our divorce when I was 26. We had lots of unfinished business. This is a small sampling of how spot on Laila is.

Laila is available Thursday from 9am to 6pm Starting from May 5th.
Taking appointments now 8132847054


90 Minutes – $180

60 Minutes – $120

45 Minutes – $90

30 Minutes – $60

15 Minutes – $30


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