July 14, 2015
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What is hypnotherapy? Hypnosis is a safe and natural altered state of the mind where the conscious mind is relaxed so that positive suggestions can be given to the subconscious to effect positive changes in a person’s thinking and behavior. In hypnotherapy, we work on the subconscious mind because this is where many negative patterns and traumas reside. Hypnotherapy is a specialist skill and results may very from person to person.

What can hypnosis and hypnotherapy help with?

Issues such as procrastination, clearing blocks, self development, finding your life’s purpose, improving relationships, career, quitting smoking, losing weight, raising self-esteem, grief and loss, spiritual awareness, sad and anxious feelings, stress reduction, pain management, inner conflict and so much more. If you choose to work with Debbie Dubickas Hypnotherapy, we offer affordable programs tailored to your needs.

Hypnotic Program Sessions may last up to 90 minutes and are most commonly made up for Stopping Smoking, Weight Loss, Motivation and Determination, Anti-Aging, Test Anxiety Symptoms, Procrastination, Improved Sex-Drive, Sports Performance, Raising Confidence and Self-esteem, Nail Biting, Skin Picking and much more. Time is taken to work with the client to ensure the suggestions given to the sub-conscious mind is perfect for them.

Mind and Body Packages

Relax your body, soothe your soul. These unique packages for both your body and soul are tailored for your every whim. In your relaxed state, we use techniques to help you attain any goal you desire. Your body is the temple to your soul. Using both sources, our unique packages double your level of relaxation towards a better you.

Choose from a body service and receive 10% off a hypnotic programing session from the following list

Happiness and Joy


Positive Thinking

Feel Attractive

Self Sabotage

Stop Procrastination

Exercise Motivator

Think Thin Lose Weight

Mental Focus

Packages range from $120 to $200 depending on the body service of your choice.


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